Horti 1: Directions for Use

We recommend a one off application at time of planting.

Applied as dry granules directly in the planting hole for larger fruit trees, plug plants and young plants, or mixed with hydro gel (included) as a dipping solution for bare rooted plants and transplant whips.

Dry Granule Application

Sprinkle the RGPRO HORTI 1 granules evenly, at the recommended dosage (see below), into the prepared planting hole. Place the plant directly onto the granules so that the roots and granules are in contact.

Application (containerised or root balled trees)

Tree Girth (Diameter in cm) Quantity (g) Treated from 10kg
6-10 50 200
10-14 100 100
14-18 120 83

Application (plug plants, seedlings and larger young plants)

Plant Type Treated from 10kg (approx.)
Plug plants & seedlings 3300
Larger young plants 2000

Post planting

Treating already established orchards by amended root pruner. Developed by Agrovista, top fruit research team a post planting orchard inoculation service is now available.

For more information please contact your Agrovista agronomist.

Horti 2: Directions for Use

RGPRo HORTI 2 granules can be applied either as an additive, evenly blended within the potting media, or for potting on liners/young plants as a layer in the container directly under the roots.

Blended with potting mixes (Tray, liner production)

Recommended for all sources of propagation material (cuttings, seeds, rhyzomes etc.) planted in liners or trays.
Mix RGPRO HORTI 2 with the potting media evenly at the recommended dosage (see below). Plant or sow as normal.

Cell volumeMixing RatePotting media Treated from 10kg
500ml+ Layer application @ 5ml

Layer application (Potting on)

Recommended for potting on of plug/liner plants. Sprinkle the granular RGPRO HORTI 2 evenly as a layer, at the recommended dosage (see below) onto 2/3 of the potting media, place plug directly onto the granules so that the roots and granules are in contact and back fill.

Container SizeQuantityTreated from 10kg